How RescueTime tweaks my time

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RescueTime is an app that monitors your productivity in the workplace. It's designed to spot inefficiences in your day so that you can become a pro at self managing your time. By tracking and categorizing your time, you get better insights and it allows you to implement small changes that impact your time in a positive way.

What is it exactly? 

RescueTime is an application that is installed on office computers for management to track the amount of time employees spend on certain websites and software programs. It is intended to facilitate understanding of what employees are doing to ensure that they are achieving optimal productivity.

Why we (as individuals) like it

We like it because of what it can do for us. As individuals we should be looking at ways to make ourselves more productive. That means not necessarily working harder but working smarter. This means working not longer hours, but being more focused when you do work, which can improve the quality of your output and result in finishing your work sooner.

Find out how you spend your time

The breakdown of your activity allows you to see where how much time you are spending on any given program or site. If you are spending, say 2 hours a day on Outlook when sending emails isn’t a major part of your job, then you can limit the amount of time spend on it. Conference calls are a prime culprit for time wasting – when you see the hours you spend on conference calls at the end of the week, you may just see the value in reorganising the way you work. Needless to say, the same goes for unrelated, non-work sites like Facebook or YouTube used purely for personal entertainment.

"Get Focused"

RescueTime tracks the productivity of each website or programs and assigns a productivity rating to each at any given time. The Get Focused Feature highlights unproductive use in real time by providing an alert. It then blocks the unproductive application for a defined period, forcing you to focus your attention on something else. It may take a little getting used to, but it really works.

Think of RescueTime as personal tool to make your life easier. The reality is that we all spend a lot of time at work doing non-work related things. This can be due to our own lack of focus, inefficient organisation or a work structure imposed by management that isn’t efficient. At the end of the day, an office full of people with technology that makes you constantly available is a distraction. It’s a fact. But how you deal with these distractions is up to you and RescueTime is an excellent way to make it a little easier.


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